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Application Performance

Applications and web solutions are critical to organisations’ day to day activities and existence. Through our partnership with dynatrace, ISA provides end-to-end application web monitoring and performance management from the last mile user through to the data centre. ISA can help organisations tune their applications and web sites to diagnose potential bottlenecks and other problems.

ISA and dynatrace offer a SaaS-based application performance management solution that provides visibility across the entire web application delivery chain, from the First Mile (data center) to the Last Mile (end user).

Through this service organisations are able to:

  • Identify application performance issues as experienced by end users
  • Quickly assess the business impact
  • Instantly isolate the problem to the data centre, Internet, third-party service provider, browser or device.

This unified view into application performance allows you to:

  • Dramatically accelerate problem resolution
  • Minimize end-user downtime
  • Improve customer satisfaction, brand perception and revenue.